Traditional Chen-Style Taijiquan

taiji-gongfuWe represent a modern, precise and powerful Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in direct Chinese tradition! Our family style is detailed and not easy to learn, which is why it is often called Taiji Gongfu. The training is substantial and requires diligence and perseverance. However, the impact on body and mind are considerable for everyone with an assiduous practice. The vigorous movements flow fast or slow in constant interplay. The system is composed of basics, hand and weapon forms and partner training. Our Taijiquan can be practiced by both dedicated amateurs and committed professionals. We emphasize the practicality and applicability of our kungfu style, the martial as well as the health benefits, transparency in our teaching, and a self-responsible learning, an equal student-teacher relationship, as well as personal development by cultivating concentration, stamina and sensitivity. Mutual respect, honesty and fun are therefore as much part of our training as are profound, detailed and modern contents!

Chen Fake

(17th generation Chen family)

Chen FakeChen Fake (Ch. 陈 发 科, 1887-1957), who was also called Chen Fusheng, is regarded as an outstanding representative of Chen-style Taijiquan in the 20th century. Even today, this representative of the 17th family generation was called "the number one of Taijiquan”. He was also said to embody the Wude, the unit of martial arts and virtue. According to Chen Yu Chen Fake perfected his gongfu frame in his last years and taught this only to his son Chen Zhaokui. Our 83 form goes back to this long-standing tradition, allowing us a glimpse into the martial arts practice of the previous centuries. Thanks to his high skills Chen Fake made the original Taijiquan of his family known in Beijing. Among his pupils were so prominent figures such as Chen Zhaokui, Chen Zhaoxu, Feng Zhiqiang, Gu Liuxin, Hong Junsheng, Lei Muni, Tian Xiuchen etc., all of which later became famous for their own developments and skills in Taijiquan. 

Chen Zhaokui

(18th generation Chen family)

Chen ZhaokuiChen Zhaokui (Ch.陈照奎, 1928-1981) learned his father’s Taijiquan and was the most important representative of the large frame in the 18th generation of the Chen family. In 1932 he followed his father to Beijing at the age of four and later taught there, but also in other parts of China. Especially during the difficult political and social upheavals of the People's Republic in the sixties and seventies he contributed much to the teaching of the next generation. He stressed that his form had never been passed down in such a detailed way outside the family since Chen Changxing. His son Chen Yu accompanied him on all trips and learned intensively with him until his death. Chen Zhaokui returned to his birthplace Chenjiagou three times in total to teach: 1973, 1974 and 1978. At the invitation of the village elders he trained the next generation in Taijiquan. In the village they did not know the method which was passed down by Chen Fake and therefore called it "the new frame". Although his forms are still being practiced in Chenjiagou today, their inherent method how to teach and train them has been mostly forgotten or changed in the village. Among Chen Zhaokuis student were many personalities which are internationally known today. In Chenjiagou Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenglei, Zhu Tiancai, Wang Xian, Chen Dewang, Chen Suying, Chen Guizhen and Chen Chunai learned from him. In Zhengzhou, there were among others Zhang Maozhen, Zhang Qilin, Zhang Zhijun and Hai Yuqing, in Shanghai Wan Wende, Du Wencai, Zhang Caigen and more. Chen Zhaokui paid great attention to the fighting aspects of Taijiquan.

Chen Yu

(19th generation Chen family)

Chen Yu

Chen Yu (Chin. 陈瑜, born 1962) was born in Chenjiagou in Henan Province and is a representative of the 19th generation of the Chen family. He teaches Taijiquan in the old family tradition and places extraordinary emphasis on the exact execution of forms, conscientious training and both combative and health benefits. In Chinese martial arts circles, he is highly regarded for his impressive skills and his very special workmanship in Chen-style Taijiquan. In addition to a variety of honorary positions Chen Yu is the president of the Chen Taijiquan Zhaokui Society. He is the only child of Chen Zhaokui and grandson of the legendary Chen Fake, who introduced the Taijiquan of the founding family to Beijing. He began to assist his father at a very young age in teaching. His powerful forms and partner exercises are finely elaborated and with intensive training allow for a rapid progress. His method is exceptional and requires perseverance, which is why it is often given the name "Taiji gongfu".

Nabil Ranné

Nabil Ranné

Nabil Ranné, born in 1975, teaches Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) as a direct disciple (dizi) of Chen Yu. He wrote his dissertation in sports sciences on the sociocultural development of the art, published several articles on the topic of Taijiquan and is a co-founder of the Chen-Style Taijiquan Network Germany (CTND). Nabil learnt Chen Yu’s unique method in a small family setting. The method is commonly regarded to be extremely accurate, compact and strong. Consequently he spent some years in intensive training mainly in China and Australia. Meanwhile, Nabil teaches this rich martial art in Germany and abroad.

Konstantin Berberich

Konstantin Berberich

Konstantin Berberich, born in 1982, is a co-founder of the Chen-Style Taijiquan Network Germany (CTND), 20th generation lineage holder and director of the Stuttgart branch of the CTND. He started to intensively learn Asian and Filipino martial arts in his youth. From his passion he started to specialize on the practical Chen Yu Taijiquan with its unique movement methodology. Consequently Konstantin became Chen Yu's official student. He teaches in his own school in Stuttgart and at several other locations in Germany.




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